Skin is one among the foremost tender and important parts of our beauty that’s why even an in. of any skin related problem is observed we get restless and starts finding its solution to urge obviate. Let me inform you frankly that the majority of skin care myths you heard about are hardly hundred percent true. it’s said that folks with oily skin observe very less amount of wrinkles on their face with a comparison to dry skin people. the very fact is that because the oily skins are thicker than the dry so it can guard itself against breakout quite a dryer skin surface but it doesn’t mean that it’ll not get affected from aging effects.

Because of natural oiliness and thickness, it naturally gets less tanned under the sun’s UV rays whereas dryer skin thanks to lack of natural oil damage faster under the sun heat. nobody can get obviate completely from aging effects and even oily skin people observe wrinkles as they ages or thanks to over smoking and direct sun exposure.

Sunscreen Usage:
It is a myth among many of us that the sunscreen isn’t necessary once you are sitting during a shady area or when the weather is cloudy. the very fact is that your skin remains exposed to the sun even the weather is cloudy otherwise you are under the roof as because sun’s UV rays come to earth by the instant sun rises, yes within the shade it comes in less quantity than an open area.

It’s better that you simply always apply a sunscreen with broad-spectrum because it will guard your skin against the tough rays of sun regardless of weathers. The UV rays are the most important explanation for premature aging or other skin related diseases like carcinoma. It burns your skin DNA even you’re within the shed. So never take any risk when it’s concerned together with your skin. Always use an honest quality of sunscreen cream.

Regarding Drinking Water:
It is a myth that drinking plenty amount of water can keep your skin hydrated throughout the day whereas the very fact is that water intake isn’t directly affecting your skin health. Water is sweet for our overall health condition. that’s why even for chronic health related problems it’s advised by doctors to drink plenty amount of water 8 glasses a minimum of during a day. Under the condition your skin is badly dehydrated, it’s advised by dermatologists to drink extra water but during this context, you ought to stay conscious of that your skin isn’t dehydrated thanks to lack of water.

Regarding a Skin Care Product Pricing:
It is a myth that the skin care products with high price are of excellent quality and best for the skin. Where because the reality is that the price of any product depends on many factors like its cost, advertising, and branding. it’s not essential that only a high tag product is sweet for you. There are many natural ingredients made skin care product within the market, which costs is a smaller amount than other similar product of other brand but this doesn’t compromise with their essential quality for the skin.


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