Hair loss is understood to be one among the foremost common problems everybody face nowadays. what’s common is that the lack of data a few wonderful and straightforward way through which we treat also as condition our hair loss. Hair fall is additionally one among the foremost common problems in both men and ladies. While our genes do play an enormous role, there’s tons of things that causes hair loss. So here, are some hair care tips to stop hair loss right from your kitchen.

Tips to stop Hair Loss

Coconut Milk:
Coconut milk is understood to be rich in vitamin E also as fats which may help to moisturize the hair and keep it properly healthy. The milk is additionally very rich in potassium, essential fats, minerals and other vital ingredient for correct hair growth. Thus, washing the hair with coconut can also help to scale back the breakage of hair. Even copra oil, have these same nutrients and hence, it can strengthen the hair right from roots through the shaft to tip. First, apply coconut milk on the scalp using the hair coloring brush. Then cover the top with a cap and leave it for 20 minutes. you’ll also prepare coconut milk reception by grinding some grated coconut and squeezing the milk out. After 20 minutes, remove the cap and rinse the hair with some cold water. It can help to extend hair volume in one month and provides lustrous hair.

Neem Oil:
Neem is understood for its excellent antibacterial properties which will help to urge obviate dandruff. It also ensures that the scalp is healthy and promote the hair growth. It helps to stimulate the blood flow to your skin, thereby nourishing the roots of the hair. Neem is even helpful to eliminate the top lice and nits. First, boil some neem leaves within the water till the water level comes right down to half its quantity. Then await the water to chill down. Later rinse hair with this mixture properly.

Amla is extremely rich in vitamin C, a nutrient that’s essential for hair growth also because the strengthening of hair. vitamin C can help to create collagen which is significant for the hair growth. vitamin C can help to soak up the iron, thereby keep your locks strong also as healthy. Amla can help to stop premature graying of the hair. Here, are three methods you’ll try using amla.

Onion Juice:
Onion has many antibacterial properties which may eliminate bacteria which causes the scalp infections. It also features a high sulfur content that does improves the blood circulation to hair follicles and encourage the hair growth. Sulfur is additionally referred to as a product which will treat the infected hair follicles. First grate some onion and extract the juice. In it dip the plant disease, and apply directly on the scalp, ensuring that the hair strands are completely covered from the basis to its tip. Leave the juice on for half-hour, before rinsing with the cold water. Later shampoo as you always do. First squeeze an onion to extract the juice. In it add one to 2 teaspoon of honey. Then to urge obviate the onion odor, mix perfume with the onions. Now apply it on the hair and leave it for 40 to 50 minutes before washing it off. you’ll even crush few cloves of garlic, boil them in copra oil for jiffy then apply the mixture in lukewarm water, massaging the scalp with it.


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