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How to Tame the Frame

By Alex o2l December 05, 2018 0 comments

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then our brows must be the gatekeepers. Our brows are one of the most distinctive features that make up our face. Not only are they our most expressive facial feature, but scientists also say that they play a major role in protecting our eyes.

Brow Types

Sparse Brows
Don’t have much definition or hairs up there? Brow Pencil’s, Pomade/Cream and Powder are your new best friend! Use a pencil to help define the brow line and shape and powder to fill in. If you are after more of a structured brow look, give a stencil a go!
Coarse Brows
Brow Powder is your go-to to create are more filled brow. Tame those curly’s by adding a natural shape and density
In-Between Brows
You got the look already! Fill those sparser areas and add length with brow powder.
Unruly Brows
Tame those wild hairs with gel or wax to set into shape.



Brow powder is a great natural option for filling in your brows. Brow Powder is ideal for filling sparse areas to enhance or darken.


To create shape and create brow hair strokes. Use to define the bottom line and ends of your brows to create shape. Use light feather strokes at the front of your brow to create a natural, full brow look (perfect if you're not into that ‘boxy brow’ look).


This (usually) water-proof product is perfect for a full-glam look. You can achieve any look with this product to create a perfect, structured brow that stays on all day long. Perfect for if you don’t have much brow to create a shape you've been longing for.


Brow gel can come tinted or clear. If you are wanting to add extra colour or dimension to your brows, tinted gel is the perfect tool. Clear is great if you are just wanting to set what you have already achieved with powder and pencil earlier!


Achieves the same goals as a brow gel, but is a lighter formula and less stiff. Wax can also be used to shape and set the brows before filling in and to create a ‘soap brow’ look.

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Use Brow Pencil or a Pomade to line the bottom of the brow and add length, and fill in the ends after for a more dramatic look.
  2. Use a Pomade or Powder to fill in the rest of your brow. Use a lighter colour or even a different technique to create a sparser look at the front of your brows.
  3. Shape the brow with concealer to create a clean look and to tidy-up any mistakes you might have made during the process.
  4. Highlight the brow bone to create a lifted brow look which will give the effect of bigger eyes.
  5. Set brows in place all day long with a Brow Gel or Wax.

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