How to Maintain Your Tan

We've all been there, right? Having to plan your tan days around your event days, and if your days don't add up, deciding what event you want to be tanned for and what event you want to look like tiger bread.
Unfortunately, science hasn't yet discovered a miracle month long lasting tan yet, otherwise I'd be all over it. But we do have some tips to extending the length of your tan so you can rock it all weekend long.
Step 1: Exfoliate before your tan
Exfoliating the skin is a great way to make sure you get a more even, and deeper looking tan. Make sure to get rid of all the dead skin cells on your skin before you go for that spray tan so that the tan will be going on fresh skin.
Step 2: Moisturise
Moisturising your skin after every shower helps maintain your skin, and helps to prevent dry skin which is enemy number 1 when it comes to tan skin. Not only will it prevent a blotchy tan, it will also lengthen the time that your tan will stay on. 
Step 3: Enhance Your Tan
The secret to stretching your tan's luminescence all week is the gradual tan. It's as simple as applying the lotion as soon as you get out of the shower, as you would with any body lotion. The tinted colour will help blend everything together as your tan starts to fade, as well as give your skin a darker tone before you remove your tan.