Blackheads are mild sorts of acne which appear as if tiny bumps on your skin surface of dark or black color. Face is that the primary victim area of those tiny bumps but it also can appear on your chest, neck, back, arms and shoulder. Though it doesn’t cause pain or any discomfort but really looks dull especially when your skin is overwhelmed with it. However, there are many effective home remedies to treat blackheads with a couple of simple ingredients and steps. A blackhead may be a quite common skin disease and it’s common to each individual in less or excessive form counting on their skin type, a life-style they lead and therefore the skincare routine they follow.

Though this mild sort of acne can attack your skin at any point in time of your life but puberty or adolescence is that the commonest life stage when people get this outbreak. this is often because the hormonal changes are high at this stage which reflects its effect by developing different sorts of acne on your skin like pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads.

Blackheads can appear anywhere on skin wherever follicles are present but it’s highly targeting your nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. As skin pores around your nose sides and bridge remain larger so these places are susceptible to develop more amounts of blackheads. this suggests any skin area with larger pores is susceptible to get clogged and develop blackhead thereon.

Sometimes people make this skin condition worse by themselves once they attempt to remove the blackheads by squeezing or scrubbing. Picking the blackheads only makes it larger than its normal size and sometimes it’s sort of a scar which makes your skin condition duller. Also squeezing a blackhead contains the danger of transferring the infected sebum to the nearby skin area. So these sorts of activity should be avoided for the safer side and one should try only DIY remedies to urge obviate this skin condition. Also, you’ll contact a dermatologist if your face is overburdened with an excess amount of blackheads that are hiding your beauty.


Hormonal Changes:
Your age and hormonal changes within the body play an important role in developing blackhead skin issues. Rapid changes in hormones during the puberty stage provides a spike to sebum production that results in follicles plugging and blackhead develops as a results of this. During the puberty stage Androgen also referred to as male steroid hormone increases within the body that triggers sebum secretion and rapid turnover of skin cells both in boys and girls occurs. this is often the rationale why in adolescence stage boys and girls experience differing types of acne issue including the blackheads.

Overproduction of Skin Cells:
Overproduction of skin cells also can cause blackheads because it can clog the pores leading to pesky little black dots appear on different areas of your face and sometimes in other body parts also wherever the skin cells turnover is high.

Cosmetic Products:
Excess use of makeup especially thick layers of makeup can block your pores or clog the hair follicles resulting in blackheads appear on the face. This risk increases especially once you sleep without removing your makeup within the night.

Excessive Sweating:
Heavy sweating can also clog your pores a bit like excessive sebum production does in any area of your skin. The dirt existing in your sweat especially once you workout rigorously can clog your hair follicles resulting in blackheads appear within the affected region.

You can get medications for treating blackheads easily from any drug store, grocery shops, and online shopping without showing any prescription. These blackheads treating medications comes within the sort of a gel, cream, and pad that you simply can directly apply to the affected skin area. These drugs contain peroxide, resorcinol and 2-hydrodynamic acid which kills the acne causing bacteria, removes dead skin cells, and dries out excess oil produced by the sebaceous follicle.


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